Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to life

Man it's been a while since I updated here! I have be completely immersed in the world of "Urinetown" (not the place, of course, the musical...) and have been practically too busy to breathe these last two weeks.

Sadly, we closed the show last night so it's back to real life and back on the wagon. The last week of 5pm-11pm run throughs and two-show-a-day nights has completely thrown a wrench in my good eating - but I couldn't tell you if I've gained or how much as I completely forgot to step on the scale with Friday's hectic schedule.

But it's back to the plan starting today. My food is all planned out as usual, and tonight I'll be hitting the gym for a yoga class. Here's today's food plan:

Coffee: 1 pp
Egg sammy (2pieces WW bread, one egg, one slice WW cheese, splash of hot sauce): 5pp

Skinnytaste Creamy Mushroom Soup: 1pp
2 WW Smoked Flavor String cheese: 2pp
Carrots and Ranch: 2pp

(Planned) Dinner:
Skinnytaste Turkey Chili Taco Soup: 5pp
topped with Sour Cream and Mexican blend cheese: 2pp

SpecialK Cracker Chips in Southwest Ranch: 3pp
WW Pepper Jack cheese stick: 2pp
Cherries: 0pp
Banana: 0pp
Nectarine: 0pp

Points Used: 23pp

That leaves me with 10pp to play with for dessert :) I love having a lunch like the mushroom soup that is deliciously filling for next to no points!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Last week on my style blog, Fatale Fashion, I did a recap of my favorite outfits of 2011, one from each month. It became and inadvertent but fantastic source of motivation when I compared pictures of myself from January of last year to pictures now. Here's January 2011 next to December 2011:


The most noticable differece has to be my face - Full cheeks, major double chin; both are much less now and now I have, dare I say, the inkling of a cheekbone? Also I think my boobs *might* have gotten smaller?? I hope??

Seeing these side by side show what a difference just 20lbs can make, and I know I never want to go back to those chubby cheeks of January 2011. As the talented Michael Bublè would say:
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
for me
And I'm feeling good.

A new beginning

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm determined to make 2012 my best year yet. It's a fresh start, a new beginning, and will hopefully include lots of changes for the better for me.

My resolution, like many, many others, is to lose weight this year - or to continue to lose weight. I have two goals:

#1. Lose twenty pounds by the summer.

This is a very feasible goal. I'm not trying to overreach myself by setting unattainable goals, like losing 50lbs by July - that's just a recipe for failure in my mind. 20lbs is doable. Very doable. Math is not my strong point, but let's break it down: 6 months until July 1st - that's 24 weeks. If I lost just one pound a week, I'll be at my goal and beyond. And of course there's wiggle room; some week's I might gain, but there are other weeks I may lose two or three pounds. So, -20lbs by July 1st for a total of -40lb and weighing 185lbs it is.

#2. Lose twenty more pounds by the end of 2012.

Same stats, same math. If I hit both of these goals I'll have lost a total of around 60lbs and will weight about 165lbs - a place I haven't been since probably since grade 8 or 9 :D

Anyway, let's take a look at this week's stats! The first weigh in of 2012 and I'm off to a good start:

Last week's weight: 206.2
This week's weight: 205.4

So, a .8lbs loss. Good not great, but better than a gain for sure. Aunt Flo is in town as well so I'm sure there's some bloat going on. I made it to the gym once, but I'm going to try for at least twice next week.

What are your new year's resolutions?