Friday, September 23, 2011

Another week, another weigh in.

Hey all! Back again for my weekly weigh in.

I've been failing pretty miserably at getting back into my 3 day a week work out pattern that I had before leaving for vacation. At that point I was doing a weight lifting class once a week and at least 2 days of cardio, usually one class and then on my own on the elliptical. I've slowed since then. This week I managed to do my weight class for the first time in two weeks, and have been taking walks after work. I know that's not much compared to the activity I was doing before, but it's better than just sitting around isn't it?

Anyway, I must be doing something right because I still managed to have another small loss this week.

Starting weight: 
Last week's weight
This week's weight:
Total loss:

It is so exciting to look at these numbers and see myself in the single digits of 200lbs! I am about the weight I was freshman year of college, and in another -9lbs, I'll be about where I was when I graduated high school! My (hopefully) very easy goal is to be at 200 by the end of the year. I HOPE that I will be down much more than that in 3+ months, but I hope to be at that point at the very, very least.

How did you all do this week?

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  1. What is your eating plan (i.e. Weight Watchers, calorie counting, etc.)?