Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here's whats up with me

Hello there everyone.

So I'm a little behind the times here. To summarize the last few days quickly: I weighed in a day late last week, and ended up gaining .8lbs. I wasn't too surprised as I found myself snacking a lot that week.

This week is looking to go the same way - I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to get to the gym and have been tracking only half heartedly, not as precisely as I was before vacation. I'm in a rut! The rainy weather we've been having all week has done nothing to help either - All I want to do is get under the covers and sleep when it's dreary like this out!

Hopefully it clears up soon because I started taking long walks down a local bike path near my house before the weather turned, and I was really enjoying it! It's about a four mile path down a river and through a pretty wooded area, and though I'm not running it (SO not there yet), walking it is way better than sitting on my ass!

I'm going to continue trying to eat as well as I can this week but I don't expect to drop any lbs by Friday. I went to a wedding on Sunday and ate and drank tons. But, there was a LOT of Greek dancing going on, and if you've ever Greek danced before you know it's a real workout! So hopefully I'll only do a tiny bit damage.

Paycheck comes tomorrow and I'm going to hit Trader Joe's and stock up on food so I can make myself healthy lunches and dinners for whole week to come.

See ya on Friday!

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