Friday, July 22, 2011

Weigh In 7/22

I wrote a whole blog post yesterday about my experience at Body Attack, a new cardio class I tried out. Blogger ate it so suffice it to say it was a killer, but I made it out alive.

So, Friday weigh in day. I really wasn't sure what the scale would say this morning. I went out with friends last Saturday and did some drinking, but I also had two intense workouts during the week. Thursday night was dinner with the girls, where I surely ate more than I would have had I stayed home (as well as a beer and a glass of wine that I wouldn't have drank), but I did order off the diet menu to try to stay on the good side.

Starting weight: 
Last week's weight:
This week's weight: 

So I gained .8lbs.
Of course I'm not happy, but this is part of the process. I have to be realistic and realize that I can't go out and have 5-6 drinks without doing some extra workouts and expect to lose.

Tomorrow could have potentially been another drinking night - I have a surprise birthday party for a friend about an hour away. The plan was for the girls to split a hotel so we wouldn't have to drive. Instead, I'm volunteering as DD - great way to keep the alcohol points to a minimum. And I plan to get a lot of dancing in to!

Here's to a better weigh in next week.

How did you do this week?

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